The function of the EXOFLEX protectors

The EXOFLEX protectors are made of special PU foam that is ultra-light, breathable, ergonomically shaped and acts as a shock absorber. The repeating triangle pattern design, makes it ultraflexible so that natural movements are possible and the protector acts like a second skin, to ensure an optimum in protection. The protector consists of viscoelastic foam and quickly returns to its original shape whenever it was exposed to an impact. In addition, it is multi-impact resistant, which means the protector won’t be destroyed in an impact, but retains its full functionality. An adapted and spontaneous damping behavior ensures that the protector adapts to the type of impact. Air is trapped in the cells of the foam. If only light impact is applied, the air is distributed steady and even and can escape slowly. The protector remains soft and absorbs the impact with no time-lag. If a fast, heavy impact is applied, it reacts immediately without delay, the air cannot be displaced, the cells strain-harden and the impact is firmly decelerated.