Pre consumer waste control
We’re committed to reducing waste and offcuts throughout the pre-consumer phase by working closely with our suppliers on new production techniques, and implementing smart design. We also strive to recycle and safely dispose of any waste that we can’t avoid.

Sustainable from production to shipping
At AMPLIFI, we strive to make our entire production and supply chain as sustainable as possible. This includes, in no small part, of course, shipping our products to the customer. We asked ourselves the question: "Does every order really need a brand new shipping package?" We came to the conclusion that it doesn't. Since then, we've been using boxes multiple times, giving them a longer life cycle. For us, this is the most sustainable way to package orders. This way we save important resources, reduce packaging waste and lower CO2 emissions. So it may well be that your next AMPLIFI product finds its way to you in a box that has already been used several times. Just follow our example and send our shipping packaging on another journey - AMPLIFI and the environment will be thankful for it!

As well we participate in the climate protection programs of our shipping service partners.
For an example, we participate in Klima Protect from GLS. This enables us to deliver parcels in Germany as well as abroad in a climate-neutral manner through compensations. This means that the greenhouse gas emissions caused by parcel transport and our other business activities with GLS are fully offset. To ensure this, various certified claimate protection projects are supported in cooperation with ClimatePartner. You can access our certificate here

Bio Alternatives
Our search for safer, renewable and natural alternatives for adhesives, fabrics, polymers, components and packaging is ongoing. We are striving to maximize the use of these emerging technologies to lessen the impact of our products on the environment.fiberfuel-based

Repair Service
If your bag or any other AMPLIFI product is ever damaged we will try and repair it for you. Better your product bears some battle scars than is thrown away as trash.

Reducing Airmiles
We’re making big efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, and a great way to start is by reducing the amount of airmiles that we undertake as a company. This extends to implementing greener alternatives for all of our logistics such as trains e.g.

Worker Welfare
We work directly with our factory heads to ensure that employees are cared for and treated fairly. We believe in our social responsibility to the skilled employees that cut, sew, bind and create our products.

Supporting Local Education
We at AMPLIFI support Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW) Helping Orphans Worldwide. a non-profit organization committed to providing hope, health, and security to abused, abandoned, and neglected people living in deprived areas of the world. Specifically, we support the Ready 2 Learn project: This program supplies children in need with the educational supplies necessary to succeed.