We at AMPLIFI see long-term durability as extremely important for our products. Our products don’t make you a better rider, but our equipment should help you along the way. Extending the life cycle of a product also makes a huge contribution to preserve resources. Repairing is better than throwing away!

Your kneepad saved you're a.. a couple of times or your backpack was a reliable buddy over the past years? OK, we get this - and we committed to help you out, and repair your favorite gear where possible outside of the warranty deed.

Within the warranty, we will take care of all defects caused by material or manufacturing faults by repairing or replacing the product free of charge. Unfortunately, we need to exclude from warranty damages due to improper use, personal fault, normal wear and tear as well as defects that only insignificantly affect the value or the usability of the product: Let’s say the dirt from the last mud session! Please note the warranty is lapsed if you’ve adapted, or modified the product on your own.

Start the process by sending us your request, including pictures and a purchase receipt to contact@amplifisports.com and our team will get back to you.