The idea for the new MKX was quite simple: the perfect protector is one that you put on at home, wear all day and forget that it is there at all. Unless something does happen, then you are optimally protected with this inconspicuous companion. The weight-reduced and more protective HEXFLEX pads provide a perfect wearing experience and are literally invisible.

>> Does every movement go seamlessly with you

The real "2nd Skin" feeling comes from the unrestricted flexibility of the protector. This is always close to your body and goes without restrictions with every movement.

>> Perfect wearing climate

The HEXGRID structure prevents heat buildup. This keeps you cool, even when things get really hot.

>> Not one gram too much

The specific properties of the silicone polymer (a non-newtonain fluid) used create a "fluid" feel. The weight-optimized HEXGRID structure allows maximum wearing comfort with only 10 mm construction height and still achieves 80% of the required values for a back protector of the EN1621-2:Level 2 standard.

How does a non-newtonian fluid work?
When force is applied, the material solidifies. The viscosity (the gradual deformation due to shear or tensile stress) of non-Newtonian fluids depends on the shear rate or the course of the shear rate (i.e. the impact). The stronger the applied force, the greater the absoprtion. Thus, the protector is adaptive, i.e., it adapts to the impact.
Since the protector is sprayed, it is capable of multiple impacts, does not absorb moisture and is temperature-stable.


The MKX Top sets new standards. The 4-way stretch coconut fabric helps fight musty odors and provides a functional and comfortable feel, the flat waist belt keeps everything in place along with a non-slip hem and belt loops. Not to mention the insanely flexible and breathable protector, which makes the MKX Top a must-have for any AMPLIFI team rider who wants to focus entirely on shredding.








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