Handle Your Bladder Like A Pro

Before we get to the cleaning and maintenance part, here’s a few tips that will be helpful for sure for anyone new to life with a hydration bladder – and some of these pro-users tips are probably helpful even for seasoned water bladder owners:

  1. After filling and closing the bladder, turn it upside down to suck out remaining air – so it doesn’t slush and take up less space.
  2. Blow into the tube after drinking, to push the water back into the insulated reservoir – this way you avoid the first sip of lukewarm water (or prevent hydration freeze, depending on where you’re sporting your bladder).
  3. For hot summer days: Fill the bladder to 3/4 and keep it overnight lying flat in the freezer (without the tube). You’ll be packing a frozen bladder with ice that will gradually melt during the day, keeping your water nice and cold for hours!
  4. Your SOURCE Hydration System can store cold as well as warm drinks, up to 60°C or 140°F (never use boiling water!)
  5. After rinsing the tube: To speed up drying the tube, hold it by the valve-end and swing it in a circle once or twice (only recommended outside with sufficient space around you).
  6. If you want to create a “fountain” from your bladder, for example to fill a cup with water, squeeze the Helix Valve with your fingers and apply pressure on the bladder, to force the water through the hose (see picture below)
Cleaning and Drying Water Bladders

If used with regular water, SOURCE bladders do not require specific cleaning, drying or draining. However, if used with sweetened or isotonic drinks, or before longer storage, we recommend the following cleaning procedure:

  1. Disconnect the drinking tube and remove the Widepac closure from the bladder.
  2. Wash the bladder with soapy, lukewarm water and scrub with a soft brush if needed; rinse well;
  3. Hang the bladder upside down and let it air-dry; do not use a hairdryer! Avoid direct sunlight!
  4. To clean the tube, connect it to the bladder; open or disconnect the valve and press water through the tube by rolling up the reservoir top-down; rinse the tube with soapy, lukewarm water; to clean the tube thoroughly from residue of sweetened drinks, consider cleaning it with our Tube Brush
  5. Lastly, this is beyond routine cleaning, and only recommended when your valve got pushed deep into the mud or if it’s for some other reason completely messy and dirty: disassemble the Helix drinking valve as pictured below.

When all parts of the SOURCE Hydration System are completely dry, connect them and store them in a dry and clean place. Do not store them wet or humid. After extended storage time, rinse and then fill up, drink – repeat.

Source manual for download