Step 1
Loosen all straps and load your backpack with a realistic weight for your adventures and put the backpack on.

Step 2
Place the hip fins on the top of your hip bone and fasten the buckle system. if positioned to heigh you will feel a cut into your stomach, positioned to low will cause grinding on your groin while you walk.

Step 3
Tighten the shoulder straps until the padded back section rests firmly on your back. Do not pull too tight, because the main load is carried on the hip belt.
Step 4

Position the height adjustable chest strap above the chest. Tighten it firmly so the shoulder straps are stabilized and the backpack sits comfortably on your back.

Step 5
Tighten the hip belt. Depending on the activity/terrain, tighten the hip belt firmer for more load transfer or loosen them for more freedom of movement. If needed tighten the position adjusting straps on top of the shoulder straps for a more direct back contact.