DarkBlack-Series produced with MIPAN®regen

AMPLIFI is dedicated to reducing our impact on the environment. The product line DarkBlack uses MIPAN® regen nylon yarn. MIPAN® regen is the world’s first certified reclaimed nylon filament yarn made for textile usage. It uses to 100% reclaimed waste, which saves valuable resources from being removed from the earth. High energy saving of petroleum resources during production of the yarn is characteristic for the product. Each kilogram of recycled yarn saves up to 7 kilogram CO2 compared to standard nylon filament yarn production.The filament has received Control Union’s Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification.
Products made with MIPAN® regen provide excellent tenacity, durability, as well high resistance to tear and abrasion.

The water-repellent coating of those products is without environmentally harmfully fluorocarbons (PFCs). The water- and dirt-repellent properties are based on a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) that is harmless to our environment and health. The surface treatment causes water to roll of the outside of the fabric, thus the product remains dry.

Reduce Recycle Reuse - Secondary raw materials as a source of raw materials

Primary raw materials, i.e. natural resources, are limited!
By recycling, we obtain secondary raw materials for our lining of the bags without having to use primary raw materials. This is important because the more secondary raw materials are used, the less primary raw materials have to be used.
For the lining of the backpacks, we use polyester made of 100% recycled PET.

Don't be a Punk - Recycle your Junk!


18 L
Dark Black